are-you-proficient-in-it_naglowekOur R&D Center in Wroclaw is one of the four biggest Nokia technology centers in Europe. We are a leading provider and expert in the broadband technology used in mobile networks. Every day, our engineers design and deliver telecommunications infrastructure solutions for 1.5 billion of the world’s population.

Our flagship product is Base Station – from initial concept and architectural design through to building, implementation at client’s (mobile network operator) site, and maintenance.


Developing such complex systems requires specialized knowledge, experience, and business maturity. Our engineers have them all.

Every fourth person on the planet uses our solutions on a daily basis, when making calls from a cell phone or transferring data. Thus, delivering and sustaining high quality of our products remains a great technological challenge.

If you are interested in developing future standards, we invite you to make a career with us:

Senior Embedded Software Developer See more

They are the key contributors to the radio module software development process. They get involved early in the process of hardware design and defining requirements for application layers. During the specification process, the focus is on reliability, energy-saving, speed of processing, and software re-usability for future products.The Senior Embedded Software Developer uses object-oriented paradigms of C++ to design and implement software for embedded multiprocessor systems. This position requires both comprehensive understanding of hardware operation and proficiency in DSP programming (i.e., linearization of radio signals).

The engineer is also responsible for ensuring the high quality of software performance. This can be achieved through multi-staged testing, ranging from unit/module tests to the FPGA prototype-based tests on the QEMU hardware emulator. Hardware integration is the last stage of radio module product development. First, it is performed in a simulated environment and, eventually, in a full-fledged BTS environment. Following successful completion of the integration and verification tests, radio modules are delivered to mobile network operators across the globe.

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Senior Integration and Testing EngineerSee more

The integration engineer uses advanced measurement equipment in their everyday work to analyze signal parameters of physical layers of the radio access networks such as GMS, WCDMA, LTE, and 5G. With focus on the aspects of digital-analog processing, they integrate embedded software on a target hardware platform. The integrator uses OBSAI/CPRI protocols to simulate communication between integrated hardware and software, and other mobile network components.The tests designed and conducted to verify and validate the quality of new products are subsequently automated, in accordance with the concept of Continuous Integration. The outcome of an Integrator’s work directly impacts the reliability of the products and solutions delivered by NOKIA.

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Senior C++ Software EngineerSee more

The senior C++ developer is the main participant in the process of developing management plane software for a base station system module. The base station works simultaneously in GSM (2G), WCDMA (3G), and LTE (4G) radio environments.The senior C++ developer uses C++11 in Linux, tools such as git, valgrind, clang, and clockwork as well as scripting languages, e.g., Python. They are fluent in using the above mentioned tools as well as containers and algorithms of STL library, and design patterns. They help other team members in this regard.

As a respected and reliable head of the project team or a Code Officer, they need to ensure that the code delivered by the team meets the highest design and quality standards.

They also are responsible for the quality of created software. Part of team’s responsibilities is conducting various multi-level tests, from unit and module testing through to code execution physical base station system modules.

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Senior Linux/kernel driver C DeveloperSee more

The person who works in this position designs and builds a Linux distribution to control operation of the 2G/3G/4G/5G base station main unit.They get involved early in the process of system design – from defining architecture and system requirements through to hardware design verification as well as functional specification and software design preparation. Profound knowledge of Linux and IT system architecture as well as prior exposure to digital electronic systems are prerequisites for success.

During the software implementation phase, the senior C designer works on driver implementation and integration of deliveries from silicon vendors and Linux community. They also handle Linux kernel modifications and hardware abstraction layer implementation which is presented to the higher layers of SW. These tasks require proficiency in C programming and ability to work in a multiprocessor environment.

The final stage of work is system integration. It starts with unit and component tests to check kernel and drivers integrity through to a base station operating in test network. Knowledge of software test strategies and related tools, and advanced software debugging skills are necessary for the task to be completed.

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Senior UML System EngineerSee more

The person who works on this position conducts requirements analysis and functional decomposition of software architecture.Their duties include modeling SW behavior and defining interface requirements. The person is expected to know how to estimate efforts, plan, design, and execute code/scripts in their area of expertise. They should also make contributions to specification reviews and actively participate in the knowledge sharing process.

Among responsibilities of the Senior UML System Engineer are leading and coordinating feature development activities between several areas of expertise, tracking and reporting progress, contributing to risk analysis and monitoring risks in their area of expertise as well as guiding SW development teams in regard to functionalities to be implemented.
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Senior Java SE/EE Security Engineer See more

Security Department develops solutions that help mobile network operators secure their telecommunication networks. Distributed systems that we design are based on technologies such as Java, spring dockers, and swarm. They offer features that support data collection in analysis systems such as Elasticsearch. Each of our systems is equipped with a graphical interface based on AngularJS to analyze collected data and perform administrative tasks. Our products are delivered in the form of applications running on physical servers or deployed in a telco cloud.The engineer comes up with solutions to problems that customers may encounter when using the product. Their job is to analyze technical aspects, choose the right technology, make prototypes, and turn the results of the analysis into the final product. In this role, they are a key player among other team members, by having a significant impact on the final shape of the offered product.

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C++ Software Developer (5G)See more

Programista w dziale 5G tworzy oprogramowanie i funkcjonalności stacji bazowej przyszłej generacji. Główny rdzeń oprogramowania jest tworzony w języku C++ 11, zgodnie z architekturą oraz ogólnymi wzorcami projektowymi i założeniami tzw. czystego kodu. Nasi programiści mają realny wpływ na wybór rozwiązań w jeszcze nieukształtowanym produkcie. Do prototypowania, nierzadko używają niszowych języków, jak chociażby Erlang czy Elixir. Przed zakończeniem pracy programiści mogą przetestować swoje rozwiązania na prototypach, wyznaczających przyszłe standardy sprzętu telekomunikacyjnego dla sieci 5G. W codziennej pracy wykorzystują narzędzia takie jak Git, GitLab, Valgrind, CMake, regularnie tworzą też własne skrypty w języku Python i bash. Kod jest kompilowany pod systemem Linux kompilatorem GCC. W projekcie często są stosowane biblioteki Boost oraz STL. Nowo dostarczany kod jest zawsze recenzowany, co pozwala wykryć drobne błędy, jak również utrzymać jego wysoką przejrzystość i spójność architektoniczną. Kod testowany jest wielopoziomowo – jednostkowo przy użyciu narzędzi Google Test i Google Mock oraz na poziomie komponentu (SCT) przy użyciu PyTest. Staramy się zapewniać 100% pokrycie pisanego kodu. Testy uruchamiamy zarówno lokalnie, jak i w chmurze, gdzie w rozproszonym środowisku CI tysiące testów potwierdzają poprawność funkcjonalności każdej nowej wersji oprogramowania. Rozwiązania do sieci 5G są wciąż we wczesnej fazie rozwoju, nie zmienia to jednak faktu, że regularnie wykonujemy pokazy demonstracyjne dla klientów Nokii, którzy są nimi bardzo zainteresowani.

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Software Architect (5G)See more

An architect’s day-to-day includes cooperation with an international team of peers who are responsible for a comprehensive technical direction of a program (or project) to ensure alignment with most up to date technical standards and company business requirements. They start with how existing products (e.g. system module) are made, how they operate and choose appropriate direction for new product development. Architects also act as a guides and mentors for less experienced colleagues and have a chance to share their wide knowledge. Currently they are working on 5G, the next frontier of wireless communications. It is a greenfield project which gives them a unique opportunity to influence the direction it will take. That influence includes the technologies used (currently C++, Python, Elixir/Erlang are used), level of code reuse, compatibility (or lack thereof) with other variants of wireless components and how certain features will be implemented. The most important role of an architect is to choose correctly how the technology will be developed and how it will evolve in the future based on the decisions made today.

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