An opportunity to work for the world leader in IT and one of the biggest providers of solutions for mobile network operators around the world, is not the only benefit you get from being a part of our team.

There are many more advantages to being an employee of Nokia:

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External and in-house training

We offer you a chance to improve your technical skills, soft skills, and English.

Career development programs

Want to become an expert, a manager, or an architect? Just choose your preferred career path. We’ll take care of the rest.

Mentor programs

A mentor will support you in your everyday work, share knowledge with you, and help you develop your potential.

Online library available 24 hours a day

You will be given access to over 20,000 e-books.

Professional advice on developing soft skills

You will have access to a wide range of audiovisual aids prepared by our experts (courses, books, films, etc.) that will help you learn effectively and acquire new competencies.

Opportunity to realize your own ideas

Do you know that Code::Dive was founded by the group of Nokia employees? If you have any interesting ideas that you would like to realize, don’t hesitate to share them with us!

Invited lectures at universities

Thanks to our close collaboration with numerous educational organizations and universities in Wrocław, you will have a chance to give lectures or conduct workshops for students.

Develop oratory skills

We offer training courses that will help you gain confidence at public speaking, and teach you how to craft compelling speeches and presentations.

Opportunity to file patents

You will be given an opportunity to file patents on your own work.

Chance to get to know the world’s renowned IT experts

For our employees, we organize annual meetings with IT luminaries such as Scott Meyers, Uncle Bob, or Andrei Alexandrescu.

Health care

LUX MED employee subscription

We ensure that you and you family have access to private medical care.

Generali insurance

You will be offered group life insurance through us.

Sports package

You will receive a special card that gives you free access to the best sport facilities all over the country.

Leisure time

Employee sport teams

You run, cycle, play soccer, or participate in triathlons? Join one of our teams and train with the best.

Elysium program

Are you up-to-date on the latest cultural events in your city? Elysium membership will allow you to purchase discounted tickets to the theater and to the opera.

Corporate events

Yep, our calendar is full of parties 🙂 We meet to celebrate our company’s successes as well Christmas, Children’s Day, or Fat Thursday.

Your future workplace

Freshly ground coffee

We are positive that a cup of fresh brew in the morning gives us a needed boost 🙂

Kitchens on every floor

We have fully-equipped kitchens at your disposal.

Wi-Fi (BYOD)

Keep connected with free Wi-Fi at every Nokia location in Wrocław.

Covered bicycle parking

Your bike will be safe and secure in our covered and locked storage area

Bicycle service

You will be entitled to a free annual bicycle service for employees traveling to work by bike.

Bathrooms with showers

You’d like to jog, run or exercise on your way to the office or before work? Feel free to train hard and sweat hard 🙂 There are bathrooms with showers at all our locations

Relaxation zones

Each of us needs to take a break on a hectic day. Why not spend it playing foosball or PlayStation games with your mates?


You will have access to books, publications, and science magazines, not only about IT.

Additional benefits, allowances, and bonuses:

Lunch Pass card

Every month, we will top up your card with PLN 240.00 net to be spent on meals or snacks.

Annual bonus

Each employee receives an annual bonus depending on personal and company performance.

Tax break

Volunteer program offering a reduction in taxes to employees whose work is protected by copyrights.

Employee loans

We do care about our employees’ financial well-being. If you are in need, we can offer you a loan on very favorable terms.

Glasses/contact lenses subsidy

We will reimburse you in part for the cost of your prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Working conditions

Induction training

We will introduce you to the company and help you settle into your new job.

Welcome pack

A present from the company on the first day at work? Every new employee gets a welcome pack with all necessary tools and useful gadgets.


We allow our employees to work from different places.


You can adjust your work hours to suit your needs. We usually start working between 7:00 a.m. and 9:45 a.m.

Work in an Agile environment

At Nokia, we use Agile project management methods and practices.

Business travel

Our employees have been to the Philippines, the U.S., Finland, China, and Germany. We want to travel the world 🙂

One day a year for volunteering

You like to help others or work for charities? Nokia strongly supports all kinds of community work. Each employee can use one working day a year to volunteer for a charity of their choice, or to help their local community.

Nokia Well-being Program

You can participate in a six-month Well-being program. You can choose from many options, including massages, sports classes, and fresh fruit delivered to your office.

Long holidays

At Nokia, we believe that a well-rested employee is a happy employee. Don’t hesitate to go on a three-week holiday. We hope you’ll enjoy it.