Speed Recruitment is continual recruitment meetings in the form of interviews from a chosen area: C, C++, Java or testing that take place at Polish universities. Anyone can attend these interviews, and wants to test if they have knowledge necessary to enter full recruitment processes in Nokia.

Speed Recruitment – what does it look like?

We invite any student willing to check their skills to meetings organised at universities or during Nokia Open Days.
Interviews under the banner of Speed Recruitment are carried our by company engineers and managers. They enable candidates to check themselves out without the risk of failure.

The interview lasts about 10 minutes and is based on around 10 questions related to the position for which the recruitment is taking place.

If the candidate has the required knowledge/skills he/she receives a so-called Golden Ticket, which gives access to the next stage, that being a typical interview in our offices. The result of this interview results in a decision about employment.
If, however, during the interview within the Speed Recruitment framework, it turns out that the candidate is lacking some knowledge, then our employees provide precise feedback concerning the areas in which he/she should get trained in, in order to have a better chance of success next time.

We’ll keep you up-to-date on forthcoming events.