We are very happy to announce that for the fourth time in a row we have been among the winners of My Ideal Employer [Mój Idealny Pracodawca] contest organised by the Career Office of Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Thus, Nokia once again proved to be one of the best workplaces.

My Ideal Employer is a project during which students choose an Ideal Employer and share their views on how they perceive their first, dream job. The main aim of the study is to get the answer to the question about the criteria based on which students create their own image of the labour market. The survey includes, among others, the salary-related and other expectations of Wrocław University of Science and Technology students towards the employer.
The data obtained in the research is essential for all participants of the labour market. Based on the established ranking of employers, students and graduates can decide to which employers they should apply for internships and practical trainings. The above data is particularly important to students as the knowledge of financial expectations of other candidates (who are similarly qualified) can help in expressing their own expectations in the future. Students also specify the features of an ideal employer and justify their choice. The first survey was conducted in March 2014.