At the time of its establishment in 2000, Nokia European Software and Engineering Centre employed only 10 people. A lot has changed since then. Today, it is the biggest ICT research and development center in Poland. In 2013, it had over 1,800 employees; now, in 2016, it has over 3000 and recruitment is still ongoing.

Nokia in Wrocław

Nokia technology centre in Wrocław is a key department in the entire organization, due to a great number of significant research projects being conducted there. Moreover, it is one of the three biggest Nokia technology centres in the world, and one of our two software development departments. Developers at TC Wrocław cooperate and actively participate in all stages of the software production process, from concept to implementation. More often than not, the research projects of TC Wrocław involve cooperation with other departments and teams from all over the world.

Key dates