European Software and Engineering Centre’s lab is a place where new ideas for broadband access technology are born, and projects are established. A vast area of over 4,200 square metres is not the only feature making this space unique; it also houses the latest generation of testing devices for telecommunications systems along with every kind of mobile information and communication technology in the world. The ideas born here will inform the direction of telecommunications well in to the future. When it comes to LTE Advanced and 5G, specialists from the Wrocław lab are currently working on deployment scenarios and standardization required by these technologies.

As attested to by the number and range of technologically advanced devices, the Wrocław lab is a huge investment. Such devices include: testing simulators, base transceiver station prototypes, digital storage oscilloscopes, and the newest generation RF spectrum analysers. The high-capacity computing system installed in Wrocław Nokia’s lab allows for the simulated severe weather testing of telecommunications devices in its environmental chambers which can model the dynamic temperature changes from -70ºC to +180ºC.

Sophisticated equipment makes this lab an institution with great research potential. Its potential is maximized for testing myriad hardware configurations against produced software, starting from applications designed for individual clients, right up to technologically advanced telecommunications solutions not yet available on the consumer market. The functionality of its remote automated testing environment means that the lab can be used by other technology centres around the world 24 hours a day.

Currently, there are over 600 specialists, test architects, IT integrators, and software engineers working in Nokia European Software and Engineering Centre’s lab. Thanks to their knowledge, experience and creativity, Wrocław Nokia branch provides services to billions of users around the world through mobile network operators. The lab has been designed with the utmost care for the safety of operations and the environment.