Network Engineering

Network Engineering (NetEng) is a part of the Mobile Broadband Customer Support department. It’s a unique combination of telecommunication experts and software developers. Main goal of this department is to drive the evolution of mobile networks, based on innovative design concepts. We provide dimensioning, configuration and design rules via recommendations, training materials, simulations and accompanying tools.

Our experts support development of all mobile technologies in the area of Radio, Transport and Core networks.

The number of NetEng tools users reaches 3.500 people each year. Our web tools have been in use more than 80.000 times worldwide.

Last year NetEng organized 216 trainings attended by more than 22.000 people. Our experts supported Nokia customers over 180 times, both remotely and locally in most distant parts of the globe.
NetEng plays a crucial role in the competence development of Nokia engineers directly engaged in deployment and optimization of customer networks. The level of knowledge is verified by dedicated certification programs.

Technical Support (TS) team is as well an essential part of Mobile Broadband Customer Support business unit in Wroclaw. TS is directly and continuously involved in support of network deployment projects. Major task of it is to respond and react to any technical queries raised by customers.

Cutting-edge technologies

We use the most popular web technologies to build modern JavaScript applications based on frameworks like Angular, Backbone and node.js. We use languages that fit our current needs, like Python, Java and databases like MongoDb or Cassandra for big data handling.

Customer First

The Technical Support (TS) department is a part of the Mobile Broadband Customer Support organization. TS provides the expert-level technical customer support for the most complex projects and the most difficult problems reported by the telecommunications network operators. Technical Support teams are comprised of the most experienced specialists in their fields, who assist the lower level customer support employees, and greatly contribute to the research and development of new solutions and products.

The primary tasks of the TS teams are to analyse and solve all reported technical problems, commission, migrate and integrate Nokia systems and solutions and implement new beta and commercial products and their software versions. Furthermore, the department organizes and conducts technical training courses and provides technical support during product demonstrations for customers. Technical Support is the key department, which links product development departments with others that provide services to Nokia customers and telecommunications operators. The main fields of activity of the Wrocław department are: OSS (NetAct), Radio (IOT, LTE, WCDMA), Core (Mediation), and support for extensive end-to-end projects.

Our departments work around the clock to serve customers in Wrocław and all over the world. Last year, we helped customers in 100 countries, solved around 4,000 reported problems and launched several dozen new products. Solutions and services are provided both on-site at the customer’s location, and remotely using IT tools like Remote Access, voice or video communication.