Our LTE branch in Wroclaw stems from research and development of the keystone element of Long Term Evolution: the base transceiver station – evolved NodeB (eNB). The LTE department is composed of engineers and specialists who, within their daily work, contribute significantly across all of the most important eNB elements beginning with the hardware platform and ending with software supporting most advanced LTE system functionalities.

Our team’s competence allows for the complete realization of our aims: starting with architecture modeling and launching new functionalities, and ending with the implementation and verification of all the components in the laboratory environment. Apart from the implementation of new features, the LTE department is also responsible for client support. Giving such important responsibilities to our LTE specialists is a sign of confidence in the reliability and quality of delivered solutions.

LTE, according to independent research, is one of the most fast -paced developing systems within telecommunication technologies. Additionally, according to market prognosis, LTE solutions are the most awaited in the history of telecommunication. LTE solutions will become the reaction for growing data traffic demands in mobile networks. Thus, we can confidently claim that our specialists are creating the future of telecommunications.