Security & IoT is a new worldwide Nokia department, which focuses on the conception and implementation of security solutions inside 2G/3G/LTE telecommunication networks. Security is increasingly important for mobile users. A significant portion of mobile subscribers are likely to switch operator in case of security issues, and they are willing to pay extra for reliable security protection. Nokia is leading the industry in taking important steps towards responding to the concerns of mobile users and building advanced telco security solutions.

Within Security & IoT the TC Wroclaw team plays a key role. The team consists of architects (working on innovation and technical security solutions), developers (implementing security management and monitoring systems), and engineers (integrating and verifying solutions and the whole system in the test labs).

The team mainly focuses on areas of vulnerability scanning, network management and monitoring, access provisioning, authentication and authorization, network elements like SIEM, IDP/IPS, FW, High-Performance Security Gateways. We secure both, radio part of a network (using e.g. Public Key Infrastructure and IPSEC), and core which uses virtualization concept and Telco Cloud. We focus not only on internal threats, but also on external ones.

Thanks to a close contact with all Nokia solution elements, which are part of the secured network, we have a unique opportunity to grow professionally and keep up to date with the newest technologies and security trends. By creating secure architecture, we also learn about other solutions existing on the security market.