Public Safety & Government  is the only such unit in Nokia’s worldwide structure. It has recently expanded the scope of activities and transformed from „Portfolio Gap-Filler” into „E2E Solutions Provider”, a highly versatile end to end solutions provider. The main focus of our strategy is on expanding Nokia business solutions based on an open network ecosystem such as applications and end user devices.

PS&G’s most important task is to develop a full-fledged ecosystem of Nokia native solutions based on radio and backbone networks, and solutions provided by the external partners. Such ecosystem allows the company to:

  • Expand into new fields of endeavor
  • Expand client portfolio
  • Create new sales channels by enabling our partners to sell our products (via a so-called Indirect Channel).

Furthermore, Public Safety & Government works on creating a new E2E solutions portfolio addressed to Police, Fire Department, Medical Institutions as well as the average end users. The whole concept is based on an open network ecosystem that interconnects various IT products and telecommunications solutions.

Fields of the Public Safety & Government’s research include:

  • Public Safety – based on LTE radio network combined with backbone network (EPC, VoLTE, RCS) and applications and end user devices from our partners.
  • LTTH – LTE to the Home – delivering LTE Mobile Broadband to suburban and rural areas.
  • IoT – Internet of Things – development possibilities are being researched: Connected Cars, Telco Cloud, Smart Cities, CMP – Connectivity Management Platform, AEP – Application Enablement Platform.
  • And many more, including Mobile Advertisement, Nokia Zone, solutions for the military, medicine and health care, and communication between devices and machines such as gauges, cars and robots, which are being currently tested and developed.

We constantly search the market for new opportunities and development prospects, alone or teamed up with our renowned partners. Some of the biggest names include Oracle, Dell-EMC, ALU, Apple, Google, Intel, and HP.

The Wrocław team consists mainly of product managers, partner managers, business development managers, and architects. Thanks to the growing demand for E2E solutions and emphasis on business expansion, out team has unique opportunities to develop and create a better near future for all of us.