Lab Management & Automation is responsible for designing and delivering technical documentation and tools as well as supporting R&D departments with the aim of improving their quality, functioning and effectiveness. In Nokia Wroclaw, Lab Management & Automation concentrates its activities on three technical areas:

1. Customer Documentation

This department is responsible for delivering technical documentation for all products including those based on major technologies such as: GSM, UMTS and LTE.

Thanks to the team efforts, Nokia across the world enables:

  • effective planning in relation to mobile networks,
  • launching installations and configurations in radio and landline networks (for example, BTSes and controllers),
  • managing entire mobile network.

We create technical documentation according to world standards and to our clients’ expectations. Documentation provided by the team describes mobile networks, equipment, and features in relation to software, installation, as well as network management guidelines.

In order to control the quality of each procedure and ensure that clear instructions are delivered to clients, we involve advanced laboratory equipment while creating technical documentation.
We cooperate with experts from different departments in our R&D section as well as from others located in Finland, Germany, India, China, and Philippines.

2. R&D Laboratories

Lab Management & Automation is globally responsible for laboratories located in 24 technological centres occupying a total space of 58,000 sq. m and total equipment value at EUR 870 million. The organization is responsible for servicing, design and laboratory expansion which are about to become remotely accessible across the globe.

The part of Lab Management & Automation located in Wroclaw is a leader in Europe within RMA R&D Laboratories, also comprising laboratories in Krakow, St. Petersburg and Berlin. The lab space in Wroclaw, occupying 2,000 sq. m, and having more than 4,000 research units, is one of the most technologically advanced in Europe. Our laboratory contains one of the most modern and complex networks among Nokia R&D sites designed for testing radio solutions and technologies including 5G systems and client support.

The Wroclaw laboratory space has been designed with the most careful regard for the environment and the well-being of our employees. A great deal of testing is done automatically by means of advanced equipment and technologies. This can be attested to by our clients who are encouraged to give honest feedback following tests and demos.

3. Product Structure Management

Product Structure Management department is responsible for maintaining products’ structures within internal Nokia tools as well as implementing model products in Nokia CRM. We cooperate with other departments to provide the proper preparation of the offers, ordering processes, and product delivery for Nokia clients.