HetRAN aims to provide solutions for mobile operators which enable faster deployment of new technologies in telecommunication networks. One of the top activities in HetRAN is developing and integration of software installed on Base Transceiver Stations. Our major focus is on WCDMA that is currently the most commonly used mobile broadband access technology and our software is being delivered to more than 300 operators all over the world.

Solutions provided by our department also bring cost reduction in relation to maintenance and network modernization. To secure this aims our team consists of experts representing different areas such as: software architects, project managers, integration specialists. All of them significantly influence planning, defining and product implementation.

Quality and innovation and team’s competence development are being treated as the most crucial dimensions of our project. HetRAN in Wroclaw is a part of an international large scale project developed also in our sites in Finland, China, India, Philippines and Japan. Thanks to multicultural and international character of HetRAN our specialists have chance to launch contacts, travel and become familiar with others cultures.