The Baseband Platforms department is responsible for the development of Flexi System Modules, which are part of the base transceiver stations’ infrastructure. The modules support technologies such as GSM, WCDMA and LTE, as well as their variations across the range of configurations.

At Wroclaw Technology Centre, we are deeply involved in developing software for Baseband Platforms devices and, as a department, we have a tremendous impact on their functionality, thanks to the commitment of our architects, designers and developers. Since quality is our top priority, our testers and integration specialists always make sure that our products comply with TL9000 standards. For that purpose, the Baseband Platforms department has its own software and hardware testing facilities.

We create our own systems and applications, which greatly support the work of software developers and testers. For software development and management, we use the most technologically advanced solutions available on the market. Our devoted team also includes project managers and end-user tech support specialists.