What is Nokia Academy?

The Nokia Academy is a series of intensive, free-of-charge pieces of training and workshops conducted by specialists from our company.  In the frames of the Nokia Academy, there are two profiles implemented: software testing and C++ programming. The main goal of our initiative is to give participants the opportunity to develop the set of skills necessary for the role of software tester or C++ developer, in the perspective of future Nokia employment a further professional development path.

Over the course of 2 months, you’ll learn fast and gain knowledge that will allow you to start your professional journey in the IT area (software testing/C++ programming). That means, that the best of you, who finish the last phase of Nokia Academy will receive a job offer from us and will have the opportunity to further develop and gain work experience at Nokia.

The lectures and workshops are held daily, e.g.: from Monday till Friday (4:30 PM till 6:30 PM) and are conducted online in business English language.

Nokia Academy will be divided into three phases, each of which will last 2-3 weeks. About 120 participants will be invited to the first stage, 60 to the second, and 30 people will take part in the third, final stage.

Who Nokia Academy is for?

This project is dedicated to ambitious and fast-learning candidates who want to gain more knowledge from the software testing or C++ programming area and continue their professional career at Nokia after the program.
We focus primarily on your potential and engagement!

Our requirements:

In frames of Nokia Academy, there are two different roles, and by applying to the program you need to decide which role you are applying for:  

  • Software Tester – requires at least basic knowledge from one of the mentioned areas, e.g.: Linux, script language, telecommunication, TCP/IP network, testing methodologies
  • C++ Developerrequires fundamental knowledge of C++ programming, and the knowledge of Linux, telecommunication, mathematics, and algorithmics, completed courses and pieces of training in C++ will be an asset.

In addition, regardless of the profile you are applying for, we require:

  • your own computer connected to the Internet (online lectures and workshops)
  • at least secondary education
  • free communication in English, min. level of B1/B2
  • your current place of residence is located in Poland

What do we offer?

  • an intensive cycle of training in software testing or C++ programming;
  • over two months of remote lectures and practical classes;
  • the care of qualified trainers who are also practitioners;
  • original training program;
  • job offers for the best candidates.

To submit an application, please apply to the profile you are interested in via our website:

Upcoming Nokia Academy XVIII in a nutshell:

  1. April 18th, 2022 – recruitment process closing
  2. April 19th – 20th, 2022 – application review and sending confirmation to selected participants
  3. April 22nd, 2022 – entry lecture for Nokia Academy XVIII I&V candidates. | April 23rd, 2022 – entry lecture for Nokia Academy XVIII C++ candidates
  4. April 25th, 2022 – preliminary test based on the entry lecture for I&V candidates | April 26th, 2022 – preliminary test based on the entry lecture for C++ candidates
  5. April 26th – 27th, 2022 – feedback after the test and sending invitations to those, who passed it
  6. May 6th, 2022 – Nokia Academy XVIII Kick-Off Meeting with all participants (online)
  7. May 9th – July 21st, 2022 – Nokia Academy XVIII classes

August – September 2022 – employment of the best Nokia Academy XVIII edition participants

If you have any question regarding Nokia Academy program, please contact us: [email protected]

Nokia Academy is also organized by Technology Center in Krakow. More information can be found here: https://en.nokiakrakow.pl/join-us/nokia-academy/


the Nokia Academy Declaration of Confidentiality