Join our technical series for experts! This time our colleague, Kamil Witecki, has prepared for you the webinar on the SW optimization process. Sign up and get ready!
Content of the webinar:
Software optimization process has a lot in common with baking cookies. You can mix some ingredients and put them into the oven setting random temperature. What is scary, it sometimes works and results are wonderful! Try pulling off that trick again though. If we have recipes and cookbooks for cookies why not following similar procedures for SW optimization? We will see how we can approach that in a structured way yielding similar effects every time. Get consistent results or at least gain peace of mind when accepting that you have done everything you could have instead of “just another” trial and error attempt.
Our speaker:
Kamil Witecki – at NOKIA since 2010, went all the way from former PHP developer (before “full stack” was a thing), C++ SW engineer, SW Architect to leader of BTS OAM Architecture squad. Huge fan of book, both technical and fiction, puts Dune by Frank Herbert on pedestal but can’t recall when read it last time. Why read it again if mankind produces so much more each day?